The Cats





(RIP 1993 - 2002)
A.K.A.:  "Piggo" (or "Pigglet")
Age:   9
Hobbies:  Eating, having attention from Cyrus (she does not like being pet very much, and definitely not by any strangers)

She carries the recessive gene for Persian "Exotic" (which means a short hair Persian). 

She is from a long line of champions and  is registered (CFA) as "Misti Cream De La Cream".



(RIP 1992 - 2003)
:   "
Age:     11
Hobbies: Being pet, playing with shadows, being pet, chasing Misti, and did I mention being pet?

He is a very intelligent, strong-minded cat.  He loves to be pet, he's quite playful, and oddly enough, he is somewhat a vegetarian (lets just say he does not eat any meat you give him).

He is from a long line of champions.



Cyrus in Kitchen
Cats on tree house     

Sirus' hair got very matted and could not be combed, 
so we gave him a hair cut.  It grew back out in 3 months.

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